A journey to E2

Wow. Its been a while. The thing with blogging, at least for me nowadays, is that you need to be inspired to write about something. I’ve been inspired, and I’ve been doing the whole positive reinforcement thing to give me a push, but you need an actual catalyst. And now I think I’ve found one.

For the past few months I’ve had to figure out what exactly is my purpose. I started Tech and Kicks from the perspective of being an ’80s baby with a fascination with hip hop, sneakers and technology. I stopped blogging because life got in the way. But now I’m blogging again, because, well, I’ve been able to finally find the time (and reason) to do it. 

Some things have changed since my last post. I’m still in the technology sector, more so now than ever, but now I have a concrete goal. One that at first seems pretty damn ridiculous. But I’m going to make it achievable. And while this blog is still going to be dedicated to all things technology, lifestyle and sneakers, part of the lifestyle aspect is personal development and building a brand. 

I’ve wanted to live in America – specifically the Big Apple – since I was a teen if not younger. For me, life was about being a writer at some glossy NYC magazine, loving everything that came with the big city life. I came pretty frickin close. Shoot. I did it, but in London, as a complete alternative. I wanted out of Toronto, and by being inherently British, I got it. Now, while I won’t ever say I want out of London, it’s apparent I need to grow. For the past six years, the UK has offered me tremendous opportunities for both growth and stagnation. But that said, I’ve had to take personal responsibility for my stagnation and realise that the UK  took me in. And every time I have wanted to leave this place, it always took me back.

My dream was to have my own Selectism, with a combination of Supreme and the UK-based sneaker store, Size? Now, while I still want that, I’ve had to pay attention to the market and realise that there are sneaker stores all over the UK for while JD Sports (the entity that owns Size?) and Footasylum pretty much dominate, and there are zillions of street wear online magazines out there (RIP Selectism) and of course, there will only ever be one Supreme. I did notice though, again by chance, a small little Video game Internet Cafe/Gaming store hidden in Soho called, Games. Which helped me to solidify my purpose a little bit more.

Everything I am going to accomplish will be done, but there is a portion of it that just can’t be done in the UK. The foundation will start here, and I’ll never truly leave the UK, not ever, but part of this growth stems from realising that the hub for technology is back across the pond. And I’ve got to be there. 

I work within the virtual reality space here in London. I have one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever had. I love my job. I’m not always a fan of the politics of where I work, or even the dynamics of how I work, but I love what I do. I’ve had to start my own company, not because I wanted to, but because it was positioned in such a way, that in order me to do the job I love so much, I need to start one (I’m sure the recruiter would say otherwise, but if it wasn’t an issue then this wouldn’t have been a topic of discussion). 

As it turns out, having my own company has been a blessing. Now, I’m setting goals and looking at how I can really make an impact and shape my future for the better. I’ve found my niche, which is within the virtual reality space. And its been solidified by the fact that through my LinkedIn profile, I’ve been contacted by Cambridge students needing an ‘expert’ voice for their research papers, and everyday people looking to get into the industry. 

As the title suggests, this series is about how I’m going to get the E2 visa, which is a Treaty Investor Visa for the US. I know, it’s crazy! Donald Trump is in power, racism is at its peak in America, it’s all going to shit. Which is why I need to do what I’ve always wanted to do now. I’m 35, don’t have kids, no debt in the UK (thank god) and no attachments. My business is an investment, so if I grow, it grows. And it’s no secret that the real growth is where the true mass market is. And no, I don’t mean India, or China, though they are mass markets as well.

I need to be strategic about this, and I’ve got to really think about why I’m doing this, but I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna make a mark, and I’ve found my route to make it happen.

So let’s see how it goes…