Tech Love

I’m heavily into technology, but I’m not a ‘tech’ geek, nor am I a tech thought leader. I’ve been working in social media for the past two years, and I do consider that space to play an instrument role in technology’s evolution, so to speak. Let’s talk about it: What’s an augmented reality app? What are Facebook‘s 360 video and photo features? One can’t exist without the other. Actually, it’s kinda hard to differentiate. And it doesn’t matter if it’s physical objects like a device, car, sneaker, etc..

I do think the notion of a techy person being someone who spends all their time on Reddit and ‘deep web’ forums is played out.  But the stereotype still exists. Probably because tech can be seen as a daunting area.

I jumped on the chat room bandwagon back in the late ’90s. I was chatting it up on Blackplanet when it was cool. As a young, aspiring music journo, some of my first published pieces were on popular sites like HipHopCanada.com and AllHipHop.com. Sure, I was just the writer, but I believe those platforms had indirectly set me up for the career I have today. Looking at it now, it’s a damn shame I didn’t position myself as a KOL right before the blogger craze kicked off around 2008. I think I would’ve been a very different person now. But hey, you live and you learn.

The other thing, aside from being a woman of colour, is that I’m also passionate about sneakers. Yep. My dad got me my first pair of the illest Jordans when I was about 8 or so. And I’ve always been into kicks, though again, you won’t find me in the comment sections of Hypebeast or Nice Kicks talking about the Yeezy drop or none of that. But I will be look at all things within the tech space from a lifestyle angle and vice versa.

So let’s see how things go. Maybe I’ll be part of a new surge of tech and kick thought leaders who break down moulds and barriers.