Coding 101

The Coder

Today has been an awesome day. On Monday something happened. On Tuesday I said something that I didn’t realise would change my life. Yesterday, I dealt with the consequences of my choice. Today was the day to decompress.

I spent the entire day learning. I spent the entire day at Internet university. I learned things I didn’t have time to before, and honestly, it felt really good. I took on a bunch of coding challenges from FreeCodeCamp, I practised my typing, and I spent the day watching some tutorials from Stefan of Project Life Mastery. I have no idea how I will feel in six months, but for the interim, what I plan to do, is take on a challenge I’d been putting off due to lack of confidence.

I’m going to take on the world of the freelance hustle. The end goal is VR Entrepreneurship, based in California or Texas… or Washington. But the current goal is building equity before moving into the next phase. I’d like to see if I can in fact become a proper remote developer in a few months. If there’s anytime to go full-on with it, the time is now.

This blog is going to be different as of tomorrow. Part of it has to two with investing in resources and brushing off my digital marketing skills. So far, 2017 has been a year for growth. And coding has absolutely shown me that I have a brain for problem solving and autonomous working.

Exciting times ahead.