The Project

It starts today. May sound a bit corny, but it is. Part of entrepreneurship – especially within the technology space – is the willingness to execute even if it fails. I’ve parked a lot of my skills for what seemed like other priorities. Working for a big brand is a safety net. I’ve done it for practically all of my life. But even though I have all this experience, it always felt as though I was at the bottom of the chain. Let me honest about something: I don’t want to be making £200 a day in London. I shouldn’t be. At this particular stage and age, I’m in a position to do exactly what I want. And I’m going to change things to get what I want.


I’ve started a project. I won’t go into detail of the project just yet, but it’s not particularly as advanced as my path to immersive computing. It is something that I’m starting from the ground up, and if I can just tick off the check marks for this project, then I will have a foundation to build on with my company. I don’t know what the focus of it is, but I know the target market is one I never really considered before.


This is a chance to think like an entrepreneur. For a lot of my jobs in the corporate world, I was under delegation under something else. They may have thought they were giving me autonomy, but true autonomy is when you only have yourself to answer to. This project will force me to be autonomous. The accountability is mine, and therefore delegation will be down to me and me alone. I do plan to see growth in a short period of time, but that’s why it’s a project. And once it’s complete I’ll be able to see where it is I want to go next.

The road ahead

When I’m not wrapped up in technology, I tend to do a lot of spiritual inner work. One of the teachers I follow is Teal Swan, who I think is pretty awesome. She recently put out a YouTube video about competition A lot of what she said is exactly right. In my industry, competition is fierce, that’s why it’s an industry to begin with.

I’m not really sure what my role is, but this is the team where I will take the time to build my leadership skills, because I’m not going back to the way things use to be. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.