The Virtual Reality Entrepreneur

The Virtual Reality Entrepreneur

Virtual reality has really been helping me put things into perspective. It’s not that VR is vast; it’s actually very niche. But since coming upon the industry (which officially hasn’t really been that long), I’ve been longing for some type of change.
I have been a content creator for years. I started off wanting to be a writer, which essentially is one of the most impoverished careers you could ever pursue. Then I transitioned into social media, and with that came a congested space that completely undervalues talent. Then I found VR and it felt like I’d found a long-lost sibling… literally. But the only problem is, that there’s a skill involved that I believe will truly catapult anyone in the industry to new heights, and that’s C#.

I’ve looked at all of them: I’m currently brushing up on my HTML/CSS skills. I’m fully down with PHP and I have an eager desire to master Python and C++. The whole industry is saying screw everything, just learn c#, but I don’t believe you should get into VR just because you want a job. You need to want to make a difference, because this can be the true definition of being a content creator.

With virtual reality, you’ll building something from the ground up, inside out. You’re allowing a viewer to experience a world they’d never know otherwise. You need to be extremely imaginative in order to truly create a gripping piece of content, and unless you’re into gaming, it’s very tough to do.

As of now I am on the marketing side of VR, but I can’t wait to get back into the creation side. But I want there to be a level of depth to my content, now, and being a developer will help me to achieve that. So, I’ve started getting myself ready.
It’s going to take some getting used to, but I’ll be using this blog as a weekly update. What I will say, that I’m currently in personal development mode, and I’ve got a lot of resources at my disposal that I’m taking seriously. What’s really amazing is that I’ve learned so much about VR within such a short span of time, and things have been happening extremely quickly. And the development has been eye-opening.

To be able to tap into this industry, and have this desire to really see how far I can go with immersive computing is exactly where I want to be. A true problem solver.

I just got home and it’s really late, but you definitely expect to find more about this journey on here.

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